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Loves & Loathes – 16th November

Love love love…

1. Tomorrow is Kristal’s birthday so we would love to wish her a FABULOUS birthday! (Aww thanks guys xx – K)

2. My laptop screen is finally fixed! I missed my laptop so much this past week! -A

3. I’m off for the week! Taking my big (little) boy to Australia for a family wedding and lots of fun adventures, then back home to be a bridesmaid for my lovely friend Carly… I can’t wait to board that plane and begin the fun! – C

4. Uh still trying to believe that I made it onto one of my very favourite author’s ‘Always ARC List’ BEST WEEK EVER! – C

5. I LOOOOVE that Charm got us Ed Sheeran tickets for my birthday!!! Best. Birthday. EVER. I’m one lucky girl. Thank you, Charm!! xx – K


1. Cold Season 😦 I finally caught my daughter’s cold and am feeling so miserable. Mom’s don’t get sick days. – A

2. Being without my laptop for a week is going to be SO rough! Wahhhhhh – C

3. Excited to be going away but I’m going to be missing my littlest boy and hubby so much! (Mostly my little guy, lets be honest) I’m preparing myself for a meltdown at the airport! (Me not him!) – C

4. Amy has passed her laptop issues onto me. Mine’s having extreme issues; taking ages to start, trying to repair itself for HOURS, randomly crashing. I have no idea how to fix this. Shit. – K

5. Cliffhangers. For god sakes I am SO OVER cliffhangers at the moment. The last two books that I have read and loved have both left me with more questions than answers. This is why I usually avoid series like the plague or wait until the follow-up books are out. Grrr. It’s stand-alones only for me for awhile I think or I’m going to throw my kindle into traffic. – K

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