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Loves & Loathes – 9th November

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Love, Love, Love

1. We LOVE our new blog picture! It’s made by Kristin over at Pretty Words Book Blog, and it’s everything we ever wanted in a blog picture 😉 Masterpiece! Thanks, Kris!! x

2. One of my dear friends is getting married next week and I’m one of her bridesmaids. We threw her a hens night to remember on the weekend and it was so nice to do something so completely girly! – C

3. So, I went to the dentist last week, as I’m sure you all know from the way I have been going ON AND ON about it. And….it wasn’t as horrific as my previous experiences. I was surprised. The dentist was LOVELY and repeatedly told me to relax during the drilling, which was great because I needed the reminder, hah! He also left mid drill to play a prank on his workmate which was quite a nice reprieve from aaaaaall the dentist-ness.  The other thing that I think helped a lot was bringing my headphones and listening to music throughout the treatment. Music is life, yo! (That’s right, I’m a gangster now. a tough, bad-ass, non dental-phobia gangster). So if you’re into music and have a dental phobia, listen to Aunt Kristal and try out the music thing…it really helps! – K

4. I am getting my eyes lasered!!! I’m so excited to be rid of all of my eye issues even though I’m ridiculously nervous for the procedure. I’m thinking of making Kristal come and hold my hand since she’s so tough! – C

5. It’s only seven-ish more weeks until Christmas. SEVEN!!  I am soooo excited. I absolutely LOVE Christmas! Hopefully is a beautiful, warm, sunny Christmas day this year! (I can’t wait! I LOVE Xmas!- C)


1. I’m away for a week soon between family trips & weddings & while I’m SO excited, I’m also going to loathe not being able to on the blog a whole lot during that time. I’m going to miss everyone so much! – C

2. Rain…Sun….Rain…Wind…Sun….MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND THANKS WEATHER!!!!! – K (It’s so frustrating! – C) (It was 70 here yesterday and it’s supposed to snow later today! Talk about crazy weather!-A)

3. Why is my hair just not behaving at the moment. It’s like each strand has a mind of its own and it’s driving me insane! – C

4. Back to the doctor today. I swear to god, Google knows more about medical shit than actual GPs. Sigh. – K

5. Colds that just won’t go away. I swear my daughter has been sick for over a week now and it’s like enough is enough. Between her asthma and now having her ears hurt, I just want her to feel better and it’s only the beginning of cold season 😦 – A


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