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Loves & Loathes – October 12th

Love Love Loves

1. This music video… Need we say more…

2. Our first buddy read as 3 was a roaring success, our review will be posted soon, but in the meantime you can check out the details of The Harlequin Doll by S.K. Munt HERE

3. It seems to be a musical L & Ls this week because I’m loving Lordes single ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ from the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Super proud of this fellow kiwi girl! She’s ridiculously fierce and she’s only SEVENTEEN. Check it out –

…red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart.

4. One (two?) of my all time best ever urban fantasy writers, Ilona Andrews, has a new book coming out on the 28th of October called Burn For Me. It’s the first book in a new series they are working on. And I just want to share the news that I, Kristal OnceUponaBookBlog, have an ARC. I’m dead. It feels a bit like when a celeb touches you and can never wash that body part again (unless they touch your lady garden AKA vag, then you should definitely continue washing). I’m never deleting the ARC email or washing my Kindle EVER AGAIN. (This right here is just everything that is good about book blogging -C) (Best feeling ever!!!-A)

5. I have an exciting surprise that I am love love LOVING right now! More to come later on this… -C (what surprise??? – K)(Inquiring minds want to know!!-A) (Nawwww I wish I could tell you both right now but we have to wait… – C)


1. Both my boys are starting swimming lessons this week… That means I need to jump in the pool too… which means I need togs… which means I need to go tog shopping, my all time worst type of shopping! – C

2. Is lying by omission really lying? Those who know me know I am the worst ever liar. I look guilty as soon as I even try it. But a few years ago (ahem…ten) I failed to correct someone about something (nothing major just something small) aaaaand now ten years later I feel like it’s sort of too late to correct them so…I’m taking this secret to my grave. But I think about it often! Oh shit…I’m going to hell aren’t I? – K (Ok, colour me intrigued… I’m off to harass you via text to find out what this is! -C)

3. Negativity… There is always an abundance of it in the world I know, maybe I’m just noticing it a little more at the moment… But please remember, a little positivity can go a long way – C

4. My hair used to be a brown ombre. I was keen to change things up so my hairdresser did a dark brown to red ombre instead. I am LOVING this. It’s stupendous! I thought I was too old and lame to pull it off but somehow it works (see below). HOWEVER, I am not loving that my ends feel so dry now. I use a really good conditioner and having been applying argon oil to the ends but is there anything else I can do to help my poor hair out?? HEEEEEELP! – K

5. My internal alarm clock. My inability to sleep in is so frustrating! Once, just once, I would love to sleep in. But, no matter how late I stay up, I am always up by 5am……-A

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