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Date Time – The Maze Runner

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It’s school holidays here in New Zealand so my big kid and I decided to go on a ‘date’ (he hates it when I call it that – too bad). Our Mother/Son dates usually consist of movies and food, so we decided to stick with what we know and headed off to see The Maze Runner.

Ethan is an avid reader. I have passed a lot of dodgy things onto this kid over the years; the flu, bad eyesight, and odd running form to name a few, but I’m putting his love of reading down as a huge parenting win. The Maze Runner is one of his favorite book series so he was excited about this movie, to say the least. And actually, it was a pretty cool movie. That maze was freakin’ impressive, the cinematography was awesome and the story was original and interesting. The characters didn’t capture my interest as much as I was expecting but maybe that’s because I’m old and I probably suck. The kid assures me that these books just keep getting better and better. I have no idea if they are making a sequel to this movie or what but I’m pretty sure that if they don’t they are going to be getting a very strongly worded email from ‘Ethan in New Zealand’.

Anyway, if dystopian madness is your thing then it’s worth checking out.

And speaking of dystopian crazy…we got to watch the trailer for the third installment of The Hunger Games on the big screen too which was epic. We both go full nerd over The Hunger Games so I’m excited about our next ‘date’. 

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