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Loves & Loathes – 28th September

Love Love Love

1. Coconut Lime Cake!!! I’ve just half invented this new cake recipe and it’s seriously smelling SO damn good as it’s baking! Someone is going to have to help me eat it this week! Any takers? – C

2. Angst. I am SUCH an angst lover and I’m in a angsty book mood at the moment. So if you know of any super angsty books that are must reads, let me know! I need more, more, more! – K 

3. Took my biggest boy to the library today to get his very own library card. Exciting stuff! We now have a bunch of dinosaur books to pour over in the next month. Love watching him get the same enjoyment from books as I do! – C

4. So many fantastic books coming out in October! The three of us here at OUaBB literally cannot wait!

5.We have an amazing friend. Her name is Kristin, and some of you may also know her as KrisTris or Kris(KC). Kris is a BAD-ASS writer and she is writing her very own book, which you will all get to see eventually. In the meantime though, she has started her own blog. Head on our and check out her beautiful reviews at Pretty Words Book Blog!!



1. Can someone please tell us why there is a mid-season finale for Outlander!!! And even worse, why is Outlander not coming back from it’s ‘mid-season break’ until April next year?! We are going to have serious Jamie withdrawals…


2. It’s school holiday time. Heeeeeelp!! – K

3. Charmaine is having tech issues – she hates ALL things battery powered (heh heh) – K

4. THIS. I’m a pretty easy going person. Reasonably relaxed and ‘go with the flow-ish’. I don’t take life too seriously. However, when I read stuff like this it makes me RAGE. There are so many people out there that need life-saving operations or medicines, so many children that are sick or going hungry, so many people with true needs. If you have that much money to throw around then please PLEASE give it to someone that needs it. Please. – K

5. Earlier this week UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson gave an excellent speech at the UN about feminism and gender equality to kick off the HeforShe campaign. The speech itself was well written and well spoken and Emma Watson, as per usual, totally delivered. What I loathed though, was all the disgusting sexual threats and trolling that went on afterward. I just…..what the actual fuck. This is a big loathe for me. – K

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