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Loves & Loathes – September 21st


1. Mia Sheridan – Not only are her latest books AMAZING, she is also so so lovely. ❤ this author!!! – K

2. Giveaways!!! We have had so much fun with our latest giveaway! Stay tuned for more giveaway fun from us!

3. I’ve got Outlander wedding fever at the moment. I’m not that keen on living back then (no toilet paper or antibiotics = no thanks) but GOOD GOD I wish Jamie would join me here. Kilt and all. In fact, he could leave the kilt/clothing behind if he wanted. I’d even live in the middle of nowhere for him so he feels at home. It’s no hardship. I’m sure we could find something to do to pass the time…right? – K

4. This. I love this so hard (told you I was obsessed at the moment, and I haven’t even read the books). These are the most enchanting opening credits EVER. – K


5. Book buddy chats! Been chatting a lot with some of you guys this week, book related and non book related and it’s just so awesome to meet new friends and have geography not be a barrier! – C ❤


1. Mean people! They suck. Magic! said it best – 

2. I loathe that I am impatient. Especially when it comes to a soon-to-be-released book in a series that I love… sigh. Need to work harder at patience! – C

3. So, the iphone 6 comes out and suddenly my cell starts playing up BAD. I feel like it’s some kind of apple conspiracy. – K

4. My laptop is being a serious a-hole at the moment. Honestly technology drives me insane sometimes! WHYYYYYY!!! – C

5. Once again my eyeballs are playing up. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s from WAY too much screen time reading/blogging but still. Honestly eyeballs just try and co-operate please! When I win lotto I am so getting them lasered. That will learn em! – C

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