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We have been having a ton of fun with this blog. It’s been challenging and amazing and STUPENDOUS (That’s my new best word. I’m writing it everywhere even if it’s out of context.). Because we’re are loving it so much we have asked a friend of ours, Amy, to join us! Some of you might have seen Amy around on Twitter and Goodreads already – she is a huge book lover.  Amy has awesomely agreed to do some guest posts for us on what ever takes her fancy and we are THRILLED to have her as part of the Once Upon a Book Blog team.

Here’s a little about Amy –

I didn’t really have a love for reading until about 3 years ago. I started off reading YA books such as the Twilight series and Divergent. I discovered that I was missing out on so many awesome books. What slowly started out as something to pass the time and escape the craziness of being a stay at home mom, has turned into my passion. I still read YA books today, but really love the NA/Adult Romance Genre. You will find me reading anything from Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit to Paranormal Romance. I love it all and am a sucker for a HEA. I am beyond excited to be apart of the Once Upon A Book Blog team!


You can also find Amy HERE on Goodreads. Feel free to show Amy some love!!


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