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Loves & Loathes – 14th September


1. Becoming Calder by Mia Sheridan. This book! Oooooh, this book. READ IT PEOPLE. -K

2. My baby boy is now a big one year old! His big brother had the best time ‘helping’ him celebrate and we (husband and I) feel so lucky that we had friends & family set aside the time to come by to eat cake and party!!! – C (It was really good cake – K)

3. Twitter friends and the blogging community. One of our absolute best things about being bloggers is all the amazing book friends and fellow bloggers we have had the chance to get to know. ❤ you all!

4. Guys we have a COMPETITION coming up!!! We are so excited to share some love with you all so stay posted!

5. Today my oldest kiddo was awarded ‘Player of the Year’ at his football (soccer) club. He has worked damn hard for that, spending hours and hours every week on his fitness and training so we are pretty proud of that kid ❤ – K (So awesome! He’s SUCH a star! – C)


1. My baby boy is now 1 😦 Yes, yes I know it’s also in the loves and I do LOVE that he is 1 don’t get me wrong! But at the same time I’m oh so sad that I no longer have a baby in the house, time just goes too fast. Sigh. – C

2. I have a big ass moth phobia. Yes, I know moths can’t actually do anything to me but an ‘irrational fear’ is ‘irrational’ for a reason. So, today I’m casually eating breakfast and scrolling through Facebook when what should I stumble upon? The most horrendous picture of a moth that, I swear to god, was the size of a bird. Well, I almost stroked out, right there at the breakfast table. Needless to say my Vogels and peanut butter went to waste. I’m also now on ‘high moth alert’ at all times. Click HERE if you would like to live the horror with me. – K (I still have no idea why you made me look at that!!! – C)

3. Is this the 3rd week running when I’ve complained that I’m behind on my reviews?!? Enough said. – C

4. My stupid laptop just does whatever it likes. I have tried to rein it in but I am bad with technology and I think it knows this and it is taking the opportunity to walk all over me. However, I will be getting the last laugh when I throw it out of the window onto concrete… – K (Erm, just do what I did and attempt to blow it up! – C)

5. I kinda would like Outlander to have subtitles!!! I know Kristal is with me on this one, I just am too nosy to not know what is going on at ALL times in detail! – C (Definitely. We NEED subtitles -K)

<img src="; alt="Just us two hanging with Jamie Just us two hanging with Jamie ❤

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