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Recommendations – Chick-lit

After reading a couple of heavy books we always find it really good to read a bit of click-lit. It evens things out and keeps life from getting way too serious. So here are some of our faves and we would love to hear some of yours! 

The Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics series by Tara Sivec

I know, we have talked about these books before but they are worth another mention! They are just so, so funny. You could never read them in a public place or people will think you have lost it. These books will also make you crave chocolate so make sure you have some handy before you start.


The Evie Dexter series by Molly Hopkins

There are 2 books and a novella in this series. The first is It Happened in Paris and the follow up is It Happened in Venice. Evie and her best friend Lulu are absolutely bloody ridiculous and you can’t help but love them for it. They get themselves into the worst situations! Watching them try to get themselves out of it is Laugh out Loud hilarious.


Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

The opening chapters of this book still crack me up when I think of them even though I read this book a couple of years ago now. The awkwardness! I die for poor Emma, just giving up all her secrets like that and then not even having the option of escaping and forgetting it ever happened. Eeek. 


Any Jill Mansell book

Although I don’t usually laugh out loud very often while reading these books they always bring a smile to my face and leave me feeling satisfied after I have finished reading them. Lighthearted and tons of fun. I actually prefer her old stuff to the newer stuff but its all quality chick-lit!


Marian Keyes – The Walsh Family series, Sushi For Beginners, Lucy Sullivan & Last Chance Saloon.

The Walsh Family is my fave book family. Apart from The Mystery at Mercy Close – that book was the worst. Matriarch Mammy Walsh is absolute perfection and I laugh so much every time I’m reading about her. She’s amazing! So it stands to reason that she would have five amazing daughters. Hearing about each of the girls is a trip, and one well worth taking at that! My favourite is Anna, but they all have their moments. All of Marian Keyes old stuff is GREAT. Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married is my best Marian Keyes book to date. 


A Girl Like You by Gemma Burgess

Sigh. This book reminded me of how much I love British chick-lit. It was quite long for that type of story but super enjoyable. I could not put it down. It was comforting, like snuggling up under a duvet with a hot choc on a rainy day. Complete satisfaction. 


Kiss Chase by Fiona Walker

Angsty, British chick-lit. Enough said. This book is still one of my top reads ever. Fiona Walkers books are always really long, and this one is the same but I still LOVED it. 




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