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Loves & Loathes – 17th August

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Love, Love. Love

1. Good times with good friends! We had a (very rare) night our BFFs gig in town on Saturday. We had an absolute ball! We even let our husbands tag along. 

2. Outlander. Seriously! LOVING. THIS. SHOW! ❤

3. The ENTIRE series of The Izzy Chronicles by Michelle Graves. Read all 3 books and the novella last week and I want more! – C

4. I’m currently reading Elicit by Rachel Van Dyken and this quote is my fave from the book so fave – 

“Story of my life. I give. They take. I give some more. They take it all.” 

This book is intense! I’m on the edge of my seat the whole time.  – K

5. Frozen coke. The cure for everything.


1. Hangovers. We’re too old for this shit. Our L & Ls are late because we have been very busy feeling sorry for ourselves. – K (Blegh! this is going to be a week long hangover I can tell! – C)

2. Only 2 more episodes of True Blood left. Thank god. Put me out of my misery already.  – K (Agreed! Can’t wait to say goodbye. Forever. Such a disappointment – C)

3. I still haven’t caught up on my reviews. Grumble grumble… – C

4. I loathe that I do not have a frozen coke machine in my kitchen for weeks such as this – C

5. Forgetting to charge my kindle is possibly one of the most annoying things ever! – C

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