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Can we just talk about True Blood for a quick second…

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A few weeks back I was throwing a blog-tantrum over season 7 of True Blood. BBH and I were at that time BEYOND unimpressed with the direction we were being taken… You can read that grumpy post HERE.

But I take it back! The last two episodes (4 & 5) have been Ah-mazing! AMAZING I TELL YOU! Episode 4 was like comedy hour, I don’t think we’ve laughed so much in a fair few seasons…

Episode 5 however was not all laughs (although there were some freaking awesome one-liners thanks mostly to Pam and Eric.) For the rest of the cast however, episode 5 was almost tear-jerker material.

Finally it feels like we’re coming back round full circle. We’re half way through this final season now and this weeks episode did EXACTLY what needed to be done. It brought most of the characters together into one storyline so we managed to cover a lot of ground (which really needed to happen since we’re fast running out of time) AND we got to see a few interactions that I didn’t think we would see before the show was out. So THANK YOU to the writers for condensing the storyline spread a bit.

Now if it’s not too much to ask could we please quit the Bill & Sookie stuff (whatever that’s about, we will NEVER be converted to a Bill + Sookie endgame) and pretty much just focus on the storylines of Eric & Pam (not dying thanks), Lafayette (getting his well deserved happily ever after) and Jason Stackhouse & Jessica (happily ever after for these two as well please?)…. We’re crossing our fingers but maybe it’s too much to hope for… Although we’ve been surprised once so maybe they can pull it off again…

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