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Book Review – Palpitations by S. K. Munt

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I am a big S. K. Munt fan (even though I still don’t think I have fully recovered from Unchained Melody), and as I have said before – where she leads, I will follow. This time she led me straight into a zombie book. Awww, my first ever zombie read. There’s a reason I’m more of a romance girl than an action girl, and it’s the blood and guts. I’m really not down with blood and guts. It squicks me out. However, being the loyal fan that I am, I one-clicked Palpitations as soon as it was out. And….I liked it!! Zombies still make me want to stab my eyes out with a fork, but as per usual S.K. Munt has spun an awesome tale.

Good girls don’t smoke
Good girls get their injections
Good girls are excited on the eve of their wedding.
Good girls die in the first five minutes of the zombie apocalypse
Charlotte’s naughty streak is either going to pay off, or get her devoured.
And there are worse things going bump in the night than the red-eyes.

A hostage. A viral outbreak. A sexy, suspenseful apocalypse road-trip adventure unlike NO either.

Be devoured.

Palpitations was sort of a mix of insane apocalyptic zombies and quirky second-chance romance. The two main characters Charlotte and Will were a lot of fun – or as fun as one can be during a zombie apocalypse. One moment they were all teeth, claws and hatred and the next they were panting over each other and desperately in love. I adored their playful banter, especially during the scenes where they had to work together as a team to survive. Also – Will was a crier. Gawd I LOVE me a crier! It’s just adorable. 

“I told you – every time I light up a smoke or kiss you, something bad happens. Not that you’ve actually put out, I’ll probably get eaten.”

As per usual, S. K. Munts writing was spot on. I’m always absorbed by her story telling and love the characters and worlds she builds. You can’t help being caught up in it! Palpitations is the first book in this series but there is no relationship cliff-hanger and from what I can tell (I may be totally wrong) the next story is a continuation of this one but told from different characters POVs. Either way, I’ll definitely be carrying on with this series. Colour me intrigued!

“Is this seriously fucking happening?”

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