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Sunday Loves 29.06.2014

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Ah, I’m just writing randomness for Sunday Loves this week. Think of it as a miniature collection of entertainment type loves from the past week….



22 JUMP STREET – I don’t think I was a mega Channing Tatum fan…however after seeing 22 Jump Street I feel like maybe I am ONLY a Channing Tatum fan?!!! Oh and Jonah Hill! Those two are just absolutely EVERYTHING together on screen. Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out and you need to laugh for 120 minutes then go and see this movie!


AMAZING READING THIS WEEK  – Neanderthal Marries Human is still whizzing around in my mind. I LOVED this book! So nice to read something that just makes you smile… And luckily for me it seems to have just been the start of hopefully a very long amazing book run because I’m currently 1/3 of the way through Shadow of Night (All Souls 2) and am loving it, just as I loved the first. These are long books so I may be MIA for a few nights but I’ll definitely be filling you all in…


TRUE BLOOD – My BBH already re-capped the first episode so I wont repeat that. I’m just excited it’s finally started up! So I’ll quickly and efficiently note down my important points…

  • EW, zombie vampires!
  • Did you all notice that Jessica’s boyf James is not the same? Google it. I honestly feel if you’re going to sign up to a show like True Blood as an actor, then you should expect all possibilities.
  • Pam is BADASS
  • Oh and. Sheesh! Tara. What an end!

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