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Wednesday Anything – Ramblings about The Fault in Our Stars, True Blood & other stuff that took my fancy this week.

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I have a few things to discuss with you all today so this post with be a bit of this and that. I have a review to post this evening too, for Beautiful Broken Promises, but its going to be pretty short and to the point because I have a lot of books waiting for review! (useless, I know).

First up, Charm and I went and saw The Fault in Our Stars last Friday night. I haven’t read the book (and definitely will NOT be after seeing the movie) and OMG a little bit of warning would have been nice! I knew it was a pretty emotional movie but I wasn’t prepared to have my heart and soul ripped out of my body and set on fire, then have the smoldering ashes stuffed back in. We can never, ever return to the movie theater in the city because we well and truly shamed ourselves with all the sobbing. And the swollen, read, tear-streaked faces we sported as we were leaving. The poor kid that served us earlier in the night actually looked a little worried when he caught sight of us as we left. What an absolutely amazing story but seriously! Intense. This gif is us at the movie. Except we are both the last guy – completely distraught!

Okay! Next thing – Who watched the True Blood premiere? We watched it together so we could discuss (constantly) what was going on. Sooo….vampire zombies – creepy and gross. So gross. I was gagging at one point there. I did actually enjoy parts of this episode. It almost had a Season One vibe going on at times. But the lack of Sookie and Eric time has me thinking that there is no way they will be endgame. I really can’t figure that out since from what I have seen on the internet, most people are shipping them….so what’s the deal? Charlaine Harris has ruined my faith with the shitty end to the Sookie Stackhouse book series so I don’t have high hopes for the tv show but, but, but…’s still there. That teeny, tiny spark of hope. Thoughts????

Lastly I’m reading Scoring Wilder by R. S. Grey at the moment. SO SO funny!!!!! It was love at first line for me. You have to read this book. Here’s one of my fave quotes so far – 

“I’d totally Crucio her ass. Yeah, that’s right, I’d use one of the Unforgivable Curses. Come at me, Ministry of Magic.”

Teehee! I’m a Harry Potter lover so this cracked me up. 

That’s all from me for now! Happy Hump Day! Enjoy the rest of your week.

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