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Sunday Loves 15.06.2014

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Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!

It’s Sunday already! This week I’m just going to do a quick round up of our book lives/lives! We’ve had a busy week here at OUBB, my BBH is still without internet and my family and I are mostly recovered from illness and slowly catching up on sleep (thank goodness!) My husband is currently at the movies (no Tom Cruise for me thank you very much!) and I’m already in bed, about to try and finish my scary ghost book (Eeep! Kristal will be hearing about this tonight I can tell) so I can get going on my new author obsession Penny Reid’s newest book: Neanderthal Marries Human. Beyond excited for this one.

I have a review to put up for The Girl with all the Gifts…ZOMBIE book. I kid you not, we all know how I feel about zombies… I finished it over a week ago but I’ve been too freaked out to write a review for it yet! Actually, I really have had the worst luck with books that are too scary for me lately, I think I need to pull back into my comfort zone for a bit to calm down! If anyone has any really great lighter reads please send suggestions my way. My TBR list is out of control, but I like mixing it up with spur of the moment choices so feel free to help me out!

I know that Kristal has some great reviews to put up once she is reunited with the internet (!!!) She’s been reading a story with a different take on Alice in Wonderland, from what she’s told me I’m so intrigued I can’t wait to read her review! And since she reads roughly 5 million books a week no doubt she has many more reviews to come as well. So no rest for the wicked here, I better get back to my Kindle, he’s starting to look like he’s missing me…


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