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Sunday Loves – 01.06.2014

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So here’s a fan-girl moment for you all… Jack White and I have a long history together… He makes music and I listen to/love his music. I have all of his albums from all of his bands which of course include the very amazing White Stripes. He has a new solo album due out June 10th. WHICH IS 10 DAYS TIME PEOPLE!!! I cannot tell you how much I am dying for Lazaretto to be released. I’ve heard bits and pieces of songs over the last couple of months and it’s sounding good. Like really good.

My amazing photography skills Sydney 2012

My amazing photography skills Sydney 2012

His last album was Blunderbuss, released in 2012. I made my husband venture to Sydney, Australia to catch him in concert. I was deathly sick with a seriously horrendous throat infection (which upon landing back in NZ I ended up in A&E for) that hit as soon as we landed in AUS, but no way was I missing that concert. So after spending all day dying in our hotel room I dosed myself full of painkillers and went to one of the best concerts of my life. This man knows how to pull every ounce of life out of his music, and even more so when you watch him live. It was one of those concerts you go to and you just want to relive it and relive it. Amazing.

So you can be guaranteed that if he ventures even close to us here in NZ for his current tour I will be going (and I will be posting about it!) For now though, here is the latest released track from the album…

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