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Loves & Loathes – June 1st

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Love, Love, Love

1. Dinner fun. We had a joint casual dinner with both of our families tonight. So much fun! Luckily our kids get along swimmingly so we get to leave them to it play while we chat. Works out perfectly!

2. Tea – It’s getting so cold here, so my favourite thing to do at the moment is huddle somewhere warm with a cup of my favourite flovour of herbal tea. So cosy! – K (Totally on board with this. I’m loving my ‘Be Well’ herbal tea atm – C)

3. Bed – This goes hand is hand with tea and reading really. I LOVE my bed. I wish I could snuggle down and hibernate in it for the entire winter but sadly life gets in the way. – K (Along the same line is my love for my brand new pillow I purchased yesterday. I love it. So comfy and amazing – C) (She named her pillow Barrons! Sigh. It’s so awkward when your BBH names her pillow after your future husband 😉 – K)

4. Going to the supermarket to get the groceries for the week late on Sunday arvo – there’s pretty much no one there! Perfect. – K

5. This weekend my husband and I went on a date night. Luckily for us our oldest was at his amazing Aunty & Uncles (By invitation even!) and our youngest was at his Granny & Poppas… So for the first time in FOREVER we went to a movie and dinner. Just the two of us. Such a novelty since every other time we’ve left the kid/kids in the last year has been for an event or group type thing. It’s made me realize that you really do need to put aside some one-on-one time to spend together – C


1. Moving house! We’re in the process of doing this over the next couple of weeks and it is NOT a good time. If you don’t see me much on here over the next week or two, this is the reason! – K

2. Wallpapering. What a shit job that is. – K (Ugh that is what we are doing tomorrow… wanna come help Kristal? – C)

3. Finishing a book I loved! I just wanted to never get to the end! – C

4. I can tell I’m going to have zombie related nightmares this week – C

5. That moment when you need to say goodbye on Skype. It pretty much sucks. I miss my amazing friends the Downie family so much, and saying goodbye is never ever easy when you are on one side of the world and they are on the other – C


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