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Book Review – A Girl Like You by Gemma Burgess

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A Girl Like You

By Gemma Burgess

Sigh. This book reminded me of how much I love British chick-lit. It was quite long for that type of story but super enjoyable. I could not put it down. I was cooking dinner and holding the stirring spoon in one hand and my kindle in the other. No wonder dinner was sh-t that night. Actually dinner’s sh-t most nights here. I’m a reader not a chef.

“I’ve discovered the secret to successful singledom. I’m acting like a man. And it’s working.” 

After breaking up with her boyfriend of, well, forever, Abigail Wood must learn how to be single from scratch. Her dating skills are abysmal, and she ricochets from disaster to disaster – until Robert, one of London’s most notorious lotharios, agrees to coach her. With his advice, she learns to navigate the bastard-infested waters of the bar scene and practices the art of being bulletproof. The new Abigail is cocky, calm, composed… but what happens when she meets her match?

This book followed a pretty standard chick-lit formula so you knew what was going to happen in the end but it didn’t make the anticipation any less. By the time the ending was nearing I was glued to the story, unable to tear my eyes away. I swooned my way through the final chapters. I LOVED these characters.

“Alice says sometimes she sees her kids as really cool housemates with serious dependence issues.”

I’m going to keep this review short because I really just think you should go and read it. A lot happened in this book but it never felt drawn out and long. I have said it before and I’ll say it again – one of my biggest book peeves is finishing a book and feeling like I didn’t get to know the characters. That was absolutely not the case in this book. By the time the story ended you knew all of the characters inside out and adored them all.

“I’m not steak. You can’t just order me.”

This book actually gave me some Fiona Walker Kiss Chase vibes. The story was not at all similar, just the same loving feelings. Comforting, like snuggling up under a duvet with a hot choc on a rainy day. Complete satisfaction. 

Quick note – there’s a ton of swearing in this book so if you don’t like that then you might want to avoid it. Personally I found it hilarious. And realistic, because f-ck is one of my favorite words. It’s so versatile. I definitely recommend this story.

“I love teen girl-pop. I was quietly obsessed with Avril Lavigne’s ‘Sk8ter Boi’ and ‘Girlfriend’ for years. (Immature, I know, but Plum loved Justin Bieber so I feel OK about it. Fucknuckle.)”




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