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Book Review – Pooka in My Pantry (Monster Haven #2) By R.L. Narquin

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Ok I know I know… I just reviewed the first book in this series last week. You can read all about it HERE. But I did warn you that I had these next 2 instalments lined up to read… And sometimes you want to be reassured that the subsequent books are worth your commitment to the series. So we’re back with Zoey after she’s dealt with her Incubus issues and the fact that the ‘hidden’ have decided she can help them all. This time there may or may not be a sea serpent giving birth in her pool… and fairies laughing…a lot….

You might think fairy laughter would be light and bubbly and tinkling, like tiny bells. In truth, what greeted me on my lawn were raucous snorts, high pitched squealing and a smattering of applause from hands so small it sounded like someone popping bubble wrap two rooms away. Apparently, my purple, green and gold glitter-fairy costume was freakin’ hilarious.

This book was totally enjoyable, almost as good as the first! The style kept to the light and fun formula that made me a fan first time round. Nothing too heavy or too complicated, which is certainly the charm of this series. It’s reading for pure enjoyments sake and I’m definitely not above that! We get to see our favourite closet monster, Maurice again and I love how Zoeys relationship with him is deepening. We also see the other usual suspects; Riley is back as current love interest/Reaper and it’s actually his involvement with Zoey that is what drives most of the storyline in this book. (Insert a gripe, they seriously need to go hide somewhere just so they can pash in peace for a second! Sheesh) Throw in some new very outlandish characters such as the Pooka (had to Google that one!) and some Leprechauns and you’ve got a very interesting array of beings entertaining you.

It does delve a bit deeper into the disappearance of Zoey’s mother. I really enjoyed how the author put the time into fleshing out the past bits, because they obviously impact a lot on the current day predicaments that Zoey is facing. Nothing worse in a story than a vague reference to something in the past that then is never fully explained! So in this book we start to build up a picture on what her mum was doing and we meet some new characters that were involved and knew her. Pages well spent in my opinion. There has been effort put in to weave some long term storylines into this series and that starts to become evident in this book, this instalment ends with a bigger cliff-hanger than the last, with many more unanswered questions. It was a good attempt at layering the story with depth, because I suspect as the series progresses even though the charm of this book is it’s light and easy fairytale like quality, you still really do need something to grip onto otherwise it could start to lose pace.

All and all it was a good Easter Sunday read. It hasn’t changed my world, but I didn’t need it to. I just needed to be entertained, and Zoey, Maurice and the rest of their clique were exactly what I needed to go with my Creme Eggs.

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