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Wednesday Anything – Loved Divergent! Great movie.

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I ended up seeing Divergent last night. What a great movie! Epic is definitely the world I would use to describe it. I love that dystopian business.

One of the biggest things that stood out for me, was how the movie looked so much like I imagined when I read the book. It was almost familiar. Crazy!

There were some hideously awkward parts that almost had me shrinking down in my movie chair but that’s a sign of a good movie. When it makes you FEEL what that characters are feeling. I think I even blushed a little for Tris at one point there. And Four…Reow.

The movie wasn’t enough to make me change my mind about reading the last book but maybe I will see the final movie after all. If you haven’t seen this yet GO SEE IT! Today. Now. You wont regret it. 


By Veronica Roth

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