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Book Review – Room For You (Cranberry Inn) by Beth Ehemann

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This book has been out for a little while now and I had looked at it a few times but passed it by in favour of something else. I’m glad I finally one-clicked it. What a cute story! The twins sealed the deal for me. There are few things I love more in this world than twinos and redheads and this book had them both.

Kacie has been burnt by men. First, when her father walked out on her and her mother when she was a teenager, and then again when her boyfriend left her and their twin daughters with nothing more than a scribble “see ya” on the back of an old receipt. Now Kacie lives a quiet life. Her days are spent helping her mother out around the family Inn, studying to become a nurse, and bringing up her twin daughters.

Brody Murphy, a local hockey star, is seeking refuge from a nasty storm when he comes across the Inn. An undeniable bond is formed between them but Kacie is struggling to move on from the past. The story that follows is a sweet story of two different people from different worlds trying to find a way to live their lives together.

First off, I love the romance in this book. There was instant attraction but not instant love. They agreed to take things slowly and spent time with each other before…getting down to business. I’m not a prude by any means but I love that they took the time to get to know each other first! There was a good base to start a relationship on.

This story was told in dual POVs and both Brody and Kacies personalities shone through. Brody was so sweet, but also had a very funny & stubborn side to him. They had an intense conversation about the word “moist” that made me snort like an idiot. He was golden.

“Oh I see you’re back again, smiley face. I hope you’re ready to get your ass kicked this time. I’m gonna turn that on eye into a wink if it kills me.”

Kacie was lovely. I would have liked her to have a liiiittle bit more spunk though. I actually found myself enjoying her friend Alexa more. But I admire the way she loved her children. So many young mothers in her position wouldn’t do half as good of a job and she did. She was a strong character and I loved her for it!

Room For You didn’t end on a relationship cliff-hanger BUT the epilogue did have a cliff-hanger at the end of it in the form of her ex-boyfriend (and father to the Twinkies) showing up at the hospital where Kacie worked. So there is definitely more of this story to be told. I won’t be rushing off to buy the sequel,  Room For More, immediately because I’m just not a huge fan of drawn out romance series. I know some people will want to shoot me for this, but I just kind of feel like it’s pointless and I get bored of the story. I will however be picking it up when I next have a book lull to see how Kacie and Brody’s story ends.

“You were scared, Kacie, just like you are about life. I wanted you to see that sometimes, even when something terrifies you, if you just give it a chance its actually pretty incredible.”

All in all, a cute read. My husbands on holiday at the moment so I managed to get him to entertain our kiddos while I devoured this in an afternoon. 

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