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Loves & Loathes – 20.04.2014

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Love, Love, Love

1. Diet Coke. The ultimate drink. We don’t want to hear any of this “oh but the aspartame” business. Diet coke for life. Diet coke and a good book = perfection. (Diet coke for life – C)

2. Netgalley – We get to look through and find things we really want to read and then read them before they come out! What’s not to love? (I just can’t deal with this amazingness! -C)

3. Chocolate – We all love chocolate this weekend, right? Yes we do.

4. My Dads cooking!!! – Its Easter weekend and all I’ve been doing all weekend is eating the never ending deliciousness coming out of my parents kitchen! I’m going home a few kgs heavier that’s for sure! – C (Same – but my mums the cook. Glad I took eating pants with me! -K)

5. Monster Haven series. I fricken love this series so far! Just starting the 3rd book and can’t get enough of Zoey, Maurice and every single other human/being they encounter! – C



1. Technology – When it’s not going my way. The amount of times I have had to start this blog entry is ridiculous because the website keeps crashing and it’s not saving my stuff. Gah! – K

2. Finishing a book and feeling unsatisfied. For whatever reason. It’s the worst. – K

3. Being in a book rut. Blegh – C (HATE that! -K)

4. On behalf of my brother – Malls on long weekends. He’s still recovering from venturing to get his beloved an Easter egg – C

5. Chocolate hangover. Even the thought of chocolate makes me feel blegh. Until tomorrow at least. -K


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