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Book Review – Monster in My Closet (Monster Haven #1) By R.L. Naquin

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Wow! So I’m back in my Fantasy headspace. I ‘accidentally’ bought a few too many books on the weekend in this genre to prove it. This book was in that bunch of purchases, I’m not even 100% sure how I stumbled across this series, but I am SO glad I did! For me this was a match made in heaven. Most of the UF I’ve been reading lately have been serious business, intense and sometimes a bit scary (I’m a big fraidy cat!) So what a welcome change it was to read one that was exactly what I’d imagine fairy tales for adults would be like.

I knew those hands. I clutched the toilet brush against myself as if it had the power to ward off nightmares. In the flash of a forgotten memory, I could see those hands grabbing at my doorframe, reaching to snatch out my eyes. My skin was clammy with terror ripened by over twenty years of repression and denial. I was five again, and monsters were real.

Erm… sounds a bit ominous doesn’t it? Real monsters! Trust me, this doesn’t turn out how you’d expect at all. Turns out that yes monsters are real, in this case the monster is a closet monster named Maurice… But don’t worry the whole thing about ‘snatching out eyes’ was a misunderstanding because actually Maurice is a big sweetheart. And a kickass chef. Which has pretty much made me certain that I in-fact NEED a closet monster in my house. Especially if he can cook like this:

The flavours mixed together on my tongue as if the muffin was made from a magical fruit that grew on an orangeberry tree situated in a vanilla-scented orchard shaded by double rainbows and watered exclusively with unicorn tears.

Uh…also there’s this…

“Did you mop the floor? It’s all…clean.” – Zoey to Maurice

So yes, I’m obsessed with Maurice. I actually need to recruit a closet monster. I cannot live another day without being able to eat such delicious sounding muffins…. and clean floors are always a bonus in life! Of course there is much more to this story than Maurice and his amazing cooking/cleaning skills! SO…. The story is based around Zoey, She’s a wedding planner who lives quite happily alone and unaware of anything even vaguely supernatural, until Maurice shows up and soon after more weird and wonderful creatures as well, all needing safe haven and help. From here life gets very very interesting!

In this book you’ll encounter everything from a demon incubus to reapers, dragons, brownies and a few things in-between. The beauty being, that all of these creatures have an almost quirky whimsical fairy tale feel to them. There are definitely good guys and bad guys, definitely serious situations and threats and death. The story is by no means one dimensional. There are poignant moments and there is sadness. But overall it’s fun. Amongst even the most serious or sad parts it’s still upbeat. It doesn’t dwell on the horrific. Even the bad guys resolution is quick and to the point so we can get back to enjoying Zoey and her strange assortment of creatures. And I LOVED this about it. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the make-believe. Like the most fictional make-believe you can lay your hands on. Nothing that could ever occur in everyday life but sometimes you wish it could. This book was like a recaptured childhood imagination.

My BBH and I have a few female lead characters who we LOVE. For me, Zoey is definitely on her way to having a spot up in my most loved lead characters. For reasons that include the following (But are certainly not limited to):

Why is it, the more you brush a Barbie’s hair, the grosser it ends up getting? – Zoey’s musings

I tried to take a swallow from my wine glass to cover my silly smile, but it didn’t work. He was making me laugh. If I took a sip now it would likely spew out my nose. Aside from the extreme embarrassment involved, it would probably hurt like crazy. Not to mention, a waste of good wine. – Zoey on a date

A woman after my own heart…

This book really was an awesome read, In fact, I’ve already got the next 2 installments ready to go on my Kindle. I was going to try and spread them out…but I’ve decided I just can’t since I saw that book #4 is out April 21st…

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