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Book Review – Rock My World By Julie Shackman

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When girls at school were salivating over boy bands, I was planning to run away with Tom Petty or Lindsay Buckingham and have Stevie Nicks sing at our wedding reception (although seeing as she’s allegedly had relationships with both these guys, that could have been very awkward.) The pretty boys never did it for me. When the candy smiles and slick dance routines used to send my peers into a swooning mass of teenage hormones, I was day-dreaming about kohl-eyed Buckingham serenading me with his crying guitar. Oh enough of this mental gossip! I need to get on with my work… – Ruby Cameron

Rock Music, Ghosts, Romance, Mystery… When you mix these all together what do you get? One of the coolest takes on Contemporary Romance that I’ve read in a while!

There’s a ghost in my romance book! I’ve never come across such a thing before, but this book had me HOOKED from the get-go. Now there are a few things in this world I am terrified of, sharks and ghosts are probably my top two, so even though I knew this book had a ghostly aspect to it, the moment I actually came across said ghost I was straight on my phone texting my BBH proudly that I was in-fact reading about a ghost. Me: “OMG I’m reading about a ghost” BBH: “Oh geez I hope you don’t have nightmares” Pfffft. No nightmares around here thank you very much! This ghost was far too nice to have nightmares over him…

“And you’re not in the room here with me.” “Er well I am actually.” Oh come on. This guy is a total arse. “Prove it then!” I smirk. Oh how I wish I had kept my gobby mouth well and truly shut. No sooner had those words slipped from my tongue, than I recoil in shock at the vision in front of me. First there’s a shimmer like an intense heat on a summer’s day, before I’m confronted by the sight of the Jon Bon Jovi look-a-like again, all hair, denim and baseball boots. And this time he’s standing just a few feet in front of me, crackling a little like bad TV interference.

Ghost or not, anyone who sings beautiful renditions of Rock classics over breakfast is alright in my book. The ghost in question, Stevie Vee, was the lead singer of a rock band in the 80’s. In the present day he’s hanging out in/haunting our main character Ruby Cameron’s new house hoping for a bit of closure. Now Ruby is a quite a cool eccentric chick, she’s also a reporter for the local paper, recently separated from her rather dull boyfriend and soon to be lit a-fire by her new boss… So she has quite a bit going on to say the least…

There was a lot to keep me entertained; I wasn’t bored for a second.  There were no life shattering twists and turns, but I liked it that way. The story didn’t need to try and outwit. It was too busy making me fall in love with the very unlikely combo of ghosts and romance, which were so cleverly intertwined… Like, it was completely normal to be going to a masquerade ball with your (hot) boss and dealing with dating drama all while you have a ghost waiting for you at home to help him find peace.  Yep, totally normal. Also I have to mention that the flashbacks into Stevie’s life were well thought out and clear. Sometimes flicking back and forth in time/place can get confusing or slow the pace down. Neither of these things happened here. This book has been one of my favourite reads in this genre so far this year. If you’re like me and looking for something fun to read that’s a bit different from the norm you should give this a go.

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