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Book Review – Maybe Someday by Colleeen Hoover

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There are a ton of Colleen Hoover fans out there. I think they even have a special name for their fandom but I can’t remember it right now. Hoovers? No, that doesn’t sound right does it. That’s the name of a vacuum cleaner. I’m not a Hoover (heh heh) but I do absolutely enjoy her books. I have read a few of them and always find them solidly enjoyable.

It all starts when Sydney Blakes has a REALLY bad day. She finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her best friend and roommate and loses it at work. Consequently, she losses her boyfriend, best friend, job and home all in the same day. Rough. Ridge Lawson, her musical genius of a neighbour takes her in and lets her stay while she sorts herself out. Ridge is a great guy, with, what comes across as a pretty intense hero complex. Sydney and Ridge make beautiful music together (not a metaphor – they actually do) and eventually they find themselves getting closer. HOWEVER…Ridge has a girlfriend. A lovely, sweet, beautiful girlfriend. Ridge loves Maggie and he has no intention of ever leaving her. So things get rough, angsty and complicated. Of course. 

“Hey, heart are you listening? You and I are officially at war.”

“Desire is easy to fight. Especially when the only weapon desire possesses is attraction. It’s not so easy when you’re trying to win a war against the heart.”

The thing that stood out for me most about Maybe Someday is the soundtrack! That’s right, the book has a soundtrack. My husband thought this was really odd. He said “It’s not a movie!” (he’s clearly not a book lover) but I actually found that it really worked. They are all original songs performed by Griffin Peterson. They. Are. Awesome. In fact, after I finished the book I bought the whole soundtrack from itunes and I’m listening to right now as I write this. I’ll probably listen to it over and over again until I’m sick of it. That’s how I roll. 

I don’t have too much more to say about this story because I don’t want to ruin it. There’s something major going on with Ridge but I feel like giving it away might ruin the surprise. Nobody likes a spoiler! I really did enjoy Maybe Someday but it didn’t completely blow me away. Possibly because I had just read Reclaiming the Sand before picking this up? It would be hard for any book to follow that. At times it felt to me like it was more Maggie and Ridges story than Sydney and Ridges. But I did enjoy that side of it. It gave you a good idea of how everyone was feeling and how hopeless the situation really is. It really was nobody’s fault. 

Overall an enjoyable story. If you pick it up you really need to listen to the soundtrack along with it. Seriously, it takes the whole thing to the next level. Notable songs for me were Living a Lie, A Little Bit More, Maybe Someday, Trouble and Let it Begin. Sooo…pretty much the whole soundtrack. 

“I…will never…regret you.”




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